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Building COMMERCIAL SECURITY SYSTEMS with IOT connectivity

October 27, 2021

This blog explains how to begin digital transformation journey by utilizing IOT enabled security system in a few easy steps.

Digital transformation initiative requires a cultural, technological, and operational shift with a focus on improving end-user’s experience. At ThinkDSC, it is our goal to help businesses transform their obsolete building systems into smart buildings.  We offer smart infrastructure planning to better coordinate the flow of information between staff, security systems, and first responders; so that the right resources can be quickly directed in the event of an emergency.

By integrating IOT enabled security system with the building command center, you can have more control over your building safety devices. Learn more about how you can monitor the building services remotely and can respond to events quickly by taking your free security assessment below. 

Here are some guidelines to create a safe, secure, and smart building environment:

  • Define your organization's safety and security objectives by taking the Physical Security Assessment

  • Next, ThinkDSC design experts will help you review, understand and map out the perimeter of your facility.

  • If unsure about how to start; Contact us to learn more about integrating access control, video, and control center systems to monitor events and provide alerts.

  • We are now offering FrontRow Communication Solutions so that you can effectively communicate with building occupants and visitors by utilizing a robust mass notification system.

Start small or support your entire business today. Find the best solutions for your organization, whatever your business.

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Written by DSC