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Physical Security Services For Houston, TX

Protecting people, property, and assets is at the heart of what we do. For over 30 years, DSC has been providing a variety of physical security solutions for organizations of all sizes and scopes. Our adaptive physical security solutions can be utilized at small-scale businesses, multi-building educational institutions, corporate campuses, large scale commercial facilities, and beyond.


DSC’s approach to physical security is comprehensive and integrative, ensuring that you get the new features that you need while making the most of your existing solutions. All of our physical security solutions — video surveillance, physical access control, and intrusion alarms — are versatile enough to work in tandem not only with each other but also with a variety of existing systems, regardless of manufacturer.

From installation to monitoring to long-term support, DSC is committed to providing trusted, reliable physical security solutions for corporate, educational, and commercial locations.

Video Surveillance

Whether updating existing video surveillance systems or implementing a brand-new CCTV security solution, DSC engineers custom, versatile video security systems.

Our video surveillance solutions are integrative and adaptive. Decades of expertise have allowed us to create systems that work well with a variety of video management and storage solutions as well as various camera technologies.

Whether hosted in the cloud or on-site, we monitor and store your video data to ensure you’re covered in the event of an emergency or incident. We also integrate video surveillance into other aspects of physical security solutions to ensure your organization is protected in every way.


Access Control

The first line of defense in physical safety is accurate, effective access control.

At DSC we create adaptive access control solutions that are customized for your needs. Our solutions are designed to blend seamlessly into existing IT infrastructure, systems, and pre-existing physical security solutions, or we can design entirely new systems with the latest technology.

By working with a variety of top manufacturers such as Avigilon, Open Options, DSX Access Control, and RS2 Technologies, DSC offers an array of products and state-of-the-art mobile solutions that can be integrated into nearly any existing access control system.


Intrusion Alarm

At DSC, intrusion alarm security is one piece of the puzzle that creates an environment of security and safety.

For nearly a century, traditional alarm systems have provided invaluable peace of mind for businesses and schools. At DSC we provide our clients with intrusion alarm solutions that deliver next-generation functionality. We specialize in designing versatile intrusion alarm solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing physical security components. By unifying the components of existing physical security deployments, we help our clients optimize the safety of their people and property.

We pair the best in access control and video surveillance with intrusion alarm systems and our trusted monitoring to create a complete solution that meets the uniqueness of your organization. We also work with the best in the industry, including industry leaders like Bosch, to provide equipment, panels, and mobile solutions that make the most of your alarm systems.


Meet Our Team

What we do at DSC is made possible by our outstanding staff. The teams that make up DSC help us accomplish our goal of providing industry-leading life safety and physical security solutions with the highest level of service and support.

Here are some all-stars we've worked with over the years:

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