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The Best In Emergency Communication

For over 40 years, DSC has been a trusted provider of security and communication solutions for schools, hospitals, and businesses across the Houston area and beyond.

As the technology that powers the security industry evolves, solutions that allow for efficient communication of important information across facilities and campuses remain an essential component of complete security and life safety systems.

For decades, organizations that value safety have made the choice to invest in reliable solutions for intercom, paging, messaging, and synchronized time-keeping. And now more than ever, organizations need trusted solutions to ensure that proper procedures are quickly communicated in the event of an emergency.

DSC provides intercom systems and paging systems by our premier partner Telecor to help bring peace of mind to students, faculty, and staff.



Telecor is an industry leader in reliable facility communication solutions, and DSC is proud to be an authorized dealer for Telecor’s intercom and paging systems.

Since 1979, Telecor has become the go-to for organizations for distributed audio/visual communication. They provide affordable, trustworthy products designed to meet the requirements of any space or application, including:

  • Intercom & Paging Systems
  • Electronic timekeeping/master clock functionality
  • Integrated mass notification
  • Recorded Audio & Background Music Distribution
  • Digital signage & Messaging

Reliable and affordable, Telecor’s products are as helpful for everyday use as they are during emergency situations. DSC can integrate Telecor’s products with other existing security and life safety systems, creating an ideal communication solution for any educational environment.

Other Professional Applications

Telecor intercom, paging, and distributed communication solutions are also utilized in corporate offices, airports, hospitals, and other commercial facilities. DSC can customize, upgrade, or repair a Telecor communication system for nearly any industry.


Meet Our Team

What we do at DSC is made possible by our outstanding staff. The teams that make up DSC help us accomplish our goal of providing industry-leading life safety and physical security solutions with the highest level of service and support.


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