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Press Release: DSC Certified as Small Business Enterprise


Small Business Certification Provides DSC With Enhanced Opportunities

HOUSTON, Texas June 22, 2016 -  We are pleased to announce that Design Security Controls, LLC DBA DSC has been certified as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) by the Office of Small Business of METRO.

METRO's website states that, "The Office of Small Business is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the Small/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SB/DBE) Programs through Small Business certification, business development outreach and contract compliance monitoring."

METRO has stated an annual goal of 35 percent Small Business participation for contracts.

The METRO website also states that, "METRO’s Small/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SB/DBE) Programs operates in a race and gender-neutral manner and is designed to include all segments of the region’s business community and is open to participation without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, age or disability. METRO’s SBE certification is recognized by the following agencies for inclusion in their small, disadvantaged, women and minority business development program: (1) Houston Community College Small Business Procurement, (2) Houston First Corporation, (3) Port of Houston Authority, and (4) Fort Bend ISD."

Information on METRO Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification is available at http://www.ridemetro.org/Pages/SmallBusiness.aspx.   A complete directory of SBE vendors certified by METRO is available at: http://www.ridemetro.sbdbe.com/

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