The modern, connected systems in your facility require structured cabling solutions that deliver uncompromising performance and reliability


Smarter Companies Need Smarter Network Cabling

Almost every aspect of today's top organizations, including security and life safety solutions, relies heavily on a reliable, high speed data network. And at the core of this network lies structured cabling, the backbone that supports the infrastructure of your business. Therefore, when it comes to upgrading your systems, constructing a new facility, or retrofitting a space, prioritizing structured cabling becomes imperative.

Choosing the Right Data Cabling

Choosing the right cable for your facility can have a long-lasting impact on the performance of the technology systems your organization relies on. With a seemingly endless array of options for data cable and low voltage wire, planning for the structured cabling needs of your facility can be an intimidating proposition. This video outlines information on five key things you should consider when planning your next structured cabling project.



Long Term Benefits of Structured Cabling from DSC

With our extensive expertise, DSC recognizes the varying qualities of cabling and comprehends the challenges that facilities encounter when implementing a structured cabling solution. That's why we provide tailored structured cabling solutions that emphasize speed, quality, organization, and cost-effectiveness. Our streamlined approach to structured cabling simplifies the process for our clients and prioritizes the key factors that ultimately impact the dependability of your data transmission.

Reduce Lag, Boost Network Performance

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Reduce Lag, Boost Network Performance

From maximizing the performance of your applications with increased bandwidth to identifying sources of potential interference, our cabling experts take the guesswork out of structured cabling.

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Future-Proof Your Investment

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Future-Proof Your Investment

We also can help keep costs down over time by helping you choose quality cabling and determine what needs may arise in the future.

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BICSI® Certified

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BICSI® Certified

Our advanced structured cabling solutions for businesses, schools, and commercial facilities are designed with your specific needs in mind and are installed and managed by experienced, BICSI® certified professionals.

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Structured Cabling of All Types

The DSC team is experienced in planning and installing structured cabling for all applications. We install a variety of network cabling to keep your business running smoothly, including CCTV structured cabling and cat6 structured cabling. Whatever your facility requires, we’ve got it covered:

  • Fiber optic
  • CCTV
  • Cat6
  • Voice
  • Data
  • Audio/Visual
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Structured Cabling for All Spaces

Our professionals have decades of experience, and they’re skilled in planning and designing custom structured cabling solutions for spaces of all sizes—from very large facilities to smaller-scale buildings. We also can create solutions for new constructions as well as retrofit older structures.

Our staff creates a plan to organize your data cabling prior to installation, which can save hundreds of hours when servicing components or troubleshooting network issues in the future.

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Partnering with the Leading Manufacturers in Structured Cabling

DSC is an authorized dealer for some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including:

  • Corning Fiber
  • Belden
  • Hubbell
  • Leviton
  • Panduit

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