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At DSC, our commitment to the safety of our clients doesn’t end after the installation of a new fire alarm system. We’re committed to helping organizations maintain the highest standards for continual safety, and our team of experienced fire alarm service professions are ready to provide each of our clients ongoing system maintenance, operational support, and comprehensive fire alarm inspection services.

Our safety experts have years of experience conducting fire system inspections for government and educational facilities, commercial and industrial sites, and office buildings. We’ll help you manage inspection deadlines, monitor equipment, test fire systems, and make recommendations for upgrades that will keep you compliant—and protect your organization.

Fire Safety Inspections

Conducting an inspection of fire safety equipment requires a thorough understanding of local, state, and federal safety laws and how those regulations apply to your organization and facilities. We provide:


Fire Equipment Tests

Our highly trained fire safety experts will help you plan and conduct equipment tests in a way that both complies with fire inspection codes and is minimally interruptive to your organization. Our routine inspection service relieves you of the worry that your systems are out of date, noncompliant, or malfunctioning.


Fire Alarm Inspections

Our technicians have been thoroughly vetted and trained to conduct full fire safety inspections. We’ll help you organize your inspection and will perform necessary tests to ensure your fire alarm system is functioning as expected. We’ll also help you manage maintenance and inspection documentation as well as filing reports and obtaining certification.


Fire sprinkler inspections

DSC team members will help you analyze water systems, sprinkler components, and sensors to ensure that these pivotal systems will operate effectively in an emergency.

Access Control and Intrusion Alarm Inspections

Our team at DSC also offers full inspection services for access control and intrusion alarm systems so you can be sure these solutions are operating as expected. We'll help you make sure your security systems are kept up to date and up to code.

For over 40 years, DSC has been providing premier safety equipment management to businesses and organizations throughout the Houston area. When you trust our team to oversee your fire system inspections, you can feel confident that your equipment will be expertly evaluated and tested. Let us take on the work of planning and managing inspections, reports, and certifications for your organization.


Meet Our Team

What we do at DSC is made possible by our outstanding staff. The teams that make up DSC help us accomplish our goal of providing industry-leading life safety and physical security solutions with the highest level of service and support.

Here are some all-stars we've worked with over the years:

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