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Benefits of Managed Security Services


As technology advances, the need for quality managed security services is increasing for businesses of all scopes and sizes. Companies are hosting more of their data and operational infrastructure online now more than ever before, making cyber threats, data breaches, and compromised online security an ever-growing fear. 

Managed security services providers, or MSSPs, offer companies protection from these cybersecurity threats by monitoring and managing IT systems and equipment. 

There are many advantages to outsourcing managed security services as opposed to investing in an on-staff cybersecurity team. From decreased operating costs to increased and ongoing cyber protection, the pros of managed security services have proven to outweigh the cons for businesses all over the world.  

Cost Savings

When weighing the pros and cons of managed security services, business owners and managers are quick to worry about the cost. However, one of the main advantages of managed security services is the amount of savings a business can rack up by hiring an MSSP. 

There are three main categories in which managed security services help save a company money—salaries, technology/equipment, and the potential costs associated with cybersecurity breaches if proper protection is not in place.

  1. Save on Salaries
    For many businesses, hiring a complete team of in-house cybersecurity experts is not an option, as many professionals in IT security garner salaries in the range of $100,000+ per year. In addition, many IT employees specialize in a specific area of cybersecurity protection. To amass a full team of professionals who together offer the same wealth of knowledge, training, and expertise that MSSPs have would be prohibitively expensive.MSSPs have often spent decades accumulating an unparalleled breadth of experience and employ a range of staff members who can monitor, diagnose, and repair practically any IT security breach. Ultimately, the cost of hiring an MSSP is much lower than hiring equally skilled employees internally. 
  2. Save on Technology and Equipment
    Because MSSPs can spread the cost of their technology and equipment over their wide pool of customers, they are able to invest in more technologically advanced products than any single business with an on-staff IT team could hope to have.MSSPs are always seeking out the most cutting-edge technologies to maximize their efficacy and expertise in the industry. By outsourcing their IT security, companies reap the benefits of these advanced technologies without the burden of increased costs.
  3. Save on Cybersecurity Breaches
    One of the main advantages of managed security services is the unrivaled protection MSSPs can offer companies, saving them money in the long term by helping to avoid potential cybersecurity breaches. An MSSP can also quickly diagnose and repair any issues that may arise. Ultimately, the financial impact of the breach is lessened. 

Time Savings 

Managed security services offer many advantages to business owners and managers, not the least of which is giving them back valuable time. While an MSSP handles the time-consuming task of monitoring and protecting a business’s IT security, employees and supervisors can focus their attention on their specific roles. 

For companies with internal IT teams, managed security services can still offer benefits by allowing IT employees to shift their attention to organization support, specific projects, and other, more strategic and beneficial uses of the team’s time.  

Unparalleled Protection from Threats

Because MSSPs use the latest in monitoring and detection technology, they’re better equipped to prevent threats that pose a serious financial risk to businesses. Often, MSSPs have access to technologically advanced tools, equipment, and other valuable resources that most on-staff IT teams do not.  

MSSPs offer 24x7x365 real-time system monitoring and analysis to help detect threats before they can cause irreparable damage. With experience dealing with cybersecurity issues of all types from a variety of clients, MSSPs are well versed in the trends of global threats, keeping them on alert for the most advanced threats. 

Quick Response from Experts

Should an incident happen, MSSPs offer around-the-clock service and support from their teams of educated, experienced cybersecurity experts. An MSSP’s on-call technicians are available to run diagnostics and facilitate repairs whenever needed. This ensures that companies can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Customized, Evolving Technologies

Another one of the many pros of managed security services is the custom approach many MSSPs take to each of their clients. By tailoring their services, products, and threat solutions to each client’s specific needs, MSSPs are able to evolve not only with the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats but also with the variable circumstances of their clients. 

By utilizing the latest in technology and a personalized approach, managed security services providers offer businesses unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

DSC offers the latest in cloud-based technology, saving clients money on complex infrastructure and allowing their managed services to grow and scale with the business.

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