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Saving Schools Time & Expense with Intelligent Video Analytics


Not long ago, educational security required little more than the management and upkeep of facility fire and intrusion alarm systems.  This was an entirely manageable responsibility, often carried out by small teams of non-dedicated facility and maintenance personnel. 

Simpler times have given way to a significantly more complex challenge with seemingly endless variables to consider. 

Effective and modern campus security requires an unprecedented level of collaboration.   Effective security policy requires extensive and consistent communication between administrators, faculty, staff, students, and student caregivers.  The planning and implementation of security projects requires effective partnerships with architects, builders, consultants, law enforcement security manufacturers and security integrators.  And there’s so much more to consider, including considerations like risk management, emergency management procedures, campus policing, and situational training.

It’s safe to say that securing schools has never been more challenging. 

While opinions may lack consensus, few would argue that the essential elements of physical security systems have become increasingly complex.  Educational institutions are stretching the limits of their available time and budgeted funding with a goal of maximizing the safety of students, faculty & staff.  In search of practical solutions to these challenges, school safety stakeholders are beginning to discover that the use of intelligent video analytics can enhance campus security, while saving valuable time and money.

For the past 3 decades DSC has partnered with educational institutions across the greater Houston area to provide practical solutions for the ever-evolving challenges of campus safety.  We understand the challenges of securing schools today.  It’s the reason we engineer custom solutions designed to save educational institutions time and money.  One of the ways we do this, is through the strategic deployment of video surveillance analytic solutions.

A “Video analytic” is a form of software that runs in real-time alongside recorded network video.  This software utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to independently analyze video data for the purpose of triggering alerts.  Here’s an example of this process in action:

An individual enters the entry corridor of a school building.  Video analytics analyze live camera feeds of adjacent cameras and classifies the presence of this person as “unusual.”  The video analytic software is able to do this by comparing the event with a consistently updated, “self-learned” baseline, or pattern of usual movement of people in the monitored location.  The recognition of this event triggers an automated response. Campus police officers, police dispatch, and school administrators are alerted of the event within seconds through mobile push notifications and emails.  Live footage of this “video event” automatically pops-up on the open desktop software of these same individuals, and on the video wall of police dispatchers.  Within seconds, officers on campus are actively responding and investigating.

The value of intelligence video analytics can be seen clearly in this example. Traditionally, adequately monitoring video for a large camera deployment requires a substantial investment in the staffing and training of security professionals.  For many schools, this an expense they simply can’t prioritize due to budget limitations. By utilizing intelligent video analytics, educational institutions save time and expense, and are empowered to enhance campus security through proactive event identification, notification, and response. 

When deploying video analytic solutions for Houston businesses and educational institutions, DSC recommends the solutions manufactured by Avigilon for their unparalleled value and performance. Avigilon is the security industry leader in the development of high resolution IP surveillance cameras, video management software, integrated access control, and video analytics.  In fact, Avigilon holds the largest and most advanced global portfolio of intelligent video analytic patents. Avigilon solutions from DSC are engineered and customized to maximize the power of these unrivaled video analytics in your facility.  To discuss a security solution for your campus, designed to save your organization time and money, contact DSC today.

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