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Stunning 7K Security Camera Time-lapse

March 7, 2016

Avigilon 7K Pro Camera: Time Lapse Video Shot by Ryan Emond


I wouldn't describe the collective marketing efforts of companies in the physical security industry as creative, inspiring, or unconventional. I write this not as a critique, but as a relatively obvious observation. The vast majority of media and print that I notice follows, what I would imagine, is a fairly tried and true formula for success. The target audience is most often not the product end user, but a particular corner of the industry that interfaces with a particular clientele. The message is most often delivered in a matter-of-fact manner, complete with a logical value proposition that sets the product of topic apart from the range of competitors within a specific application. In the event that a campaign is directed at a group of end users, the primary mechanism utilized to elicit change will almost certainly be fear. In one person's opinion, the security industry has long been ripe for a manufacturer who dares to connect and inspire a direct group of end users. I've long thought this, and in many ways, it's what made the most recent marketing campaign from Avigilon so intriguing.

Last month (Feb 2016), Avigilon released two new video features through a number of their social networking sphere. The videos highlight the capabilities of their flagship 7K/30MP cameras. Both are posted on YouTube; I've attached the first video above, you can find the Behind the Scenes Video HERE.

Avigilon released their 7K pro camera, and industry first, in the Spring of 2015. In these videos, we learn that Avigilon has put this camera in the hands of professional photographer Ryan Emond, having commissioned him to record boundary-pushing footage, with a security camera, in 5 cities across the US and Canada. Ryan records some truly stunning time lapse photography of his locations, and in the process manages a rare accomplishment. Rather than being reasoned into a seemingly practical conclusion, or frightened into make a change, viewers are left inspired to imagine the possible applications of these amazing 7K cameras.

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