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ISC West Review, Part III, Hanwha Techwin America and H.265


During the first week of April, the security team at DSC traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual ISC West conference. ISC West has long been the preeminent event in the business of security integration. As the largest and brightest stage in our industry, security manufacturers customarily unveil their latest innovations, services, and products annually at this event. Over the next few weeks, members of our team will share their impressions, observations, and outlook on the latest developments in security and safety technology unveiled at ISC West.

ISC West Review, Part III: Hanwha Techwin America & H.265

By: Rick Johnson, General Manager

This year marketed my 30th anniversary with DSC.  Through those years, I’ve all but lost count of number of annual ISC West Exhibitions I’ve attended.  I come each year with same goal in mind; to discover something new that I can enthusiastically bring back to our clients.

In my mind, the most impressive product advancements were on display at the Hanwha Techwin America booth.  Following a profoundly positive reorganization, Samsung Techwin America has rebranded as Hanwha Techwin America.  Hanwha Techwin has invested heavily in product development, and it showed as they leveraged ISC West as their platform for several major announcements and product reveals.

Of all their announcements, none was more impactful than the release of the next generation of security cameras and NVRs supporting H.265 compression protocol.  Hanwha Techwin seems committed to leading the way forward with this new technology, as their current range of H.265 compatible products would be considered robust by even the most conservative measure.  Most surprisingly, their advancements appear to be truly unrivaled, with few manufacturers offering even a single H.265 protocol camera, much less a recording option.  In fact, through 3 days and countless inquiries, there does not appear to be VMS or NVR product on the market designed to handle H.265 video outside of Hanwha Techwin’s newest offerings.

So what makes this future industry compression standard so exciting?  H.265 offers 3 primary advantages over today’s widely utilized H.264 standard.  For starters, H.265 requires up to 50% less disk space than recordings compressed using the H.264 protocol.  Our clients stand to experience a substantial reduction in the cost for storage, while they free up valuable physical rack space previously occupied by larger drive arrays. Secondly, H.265 requires far less bandwidth than solutions from the previous generation.  Finally, the release of H.265 will usher in an era where cameras boasting resolutions of 4 MP and greater suddenly become viable solutions.  Cameras boasting the highest levels of resolution have been reasonable solutions for only those with access to highly sophisticated and advanced network environments.  H.265 brings these products with-in the reach of the rest of us.



If you’re interested in finding out more about the new H.265 compression standard?  Contact us today!

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