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How Do Managed Security Services Work?

Developing and managing a comprehensive, fully integrated, and scalable physical security system requires more than just purchasing video surveillance cameras. It requires organizations to have people on staff with the knowledge and experience to identify and respond to issues before, during, and after they occur. Organizations that don’t have the resources to properly staff and support their own security operations increase their risk of not being able to adequately respond to a safety incident.  

Even organizations that employ badge access systems, security officers, and other security measures may find that they still do not have the comprehensive coverage they need to successfully monitor and maintain their hardware and software. This means that they aren’t getting the most out of the security systems in which they’ve already significantly invested.

Managed security service providers help bridge the gaps in security that most organizations face by offering comprehensive security coverage from industry experts.

How Do Managed Security Services Work?

Managed security services allow you to pinpoint and respond to safety and security issues by supplementing or outsourcing your security operations to a professional team of trained security experts. But how do managed security services work for your business?

First, you meet with a managed security services provider to discuss the security services that may benefit your business. This will include an overview of any existing security systems, which may entail recommendations for additional hardware and software based on your needs. If you don’t currently have a security system in place, security experts can help develop and install a system that addresses your security risks.

Once you have identified which managed security services you need, you will sign an agreement with the provider detailing the work they will perform for you on a monthly basis and the costs of each service. Your managed security services provider will then provide the services outlined in your agreement, monitoring and managing your security systems as if they were their own.

Types of Managed Security Services

There are many different types of managed security services that can benefit your business. These include, but are not limited to:

24/7 System Monitoring

In addition to installing and maintaining your security equipment, a managed security services provider may also provide 24/7 system monitoring. With these services, security professionals monitor your video, audio, and alert systems around the clock. If an emergency or security issue occurs, staff immediately notifies the appropriate parties and authorities.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance of your security system software and hardware helps you get the most out of your security investment. A managed security services provider will remotely monitor the health of your system software and hardware while performing scheduled updates and coming on-site to handle any maintenance needs or repairs.

Help Desk Services

Having difficulty using your facility badges? Need help accessing video surveillance footage? Managed security service providers also offer help desk services that your staff can use to troubleshoot problems on-site or get answers to questions they may have about your security system and how it operates.

Remote System Hosting

Many organizations may not have the money, space, or desire to host their surveillance video and audio recordings on their own in-house server. Managed security service providers offer remote system hosting, where organizations can host their content either on a server owned by the provider or through cloud storage.

Get Managed Security Services

With over 40 years of experience in the security systems industry, DSC has served as a trusted managed security provider for educational institutions, SMBs, and large enterprises. Here are just a few of the managed security services that DSC provides:

  • 24/7 remote health monitoring of system hardware and software
  • Scheduled hardware and software updates
  • Facility badge services
  • Help desk support
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Response and dispatch services
  • Investigation assistance

Need help keeping your business protected? DSC is ready. Contact us for a consultation.

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