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Faster Security Networks than Ever Before

October 6, 2016

Thanks to some exciting new technology from Hanwha Techwin, video surveillance networks can be faster than ever before.  Hanwha Techwin has released a new line of security cameras featuring support for H.265 compression.  H.265 compression can move video data 50-80% faster than previous generation technology.  By utilizing this technology, an existing security camera installment could support many more cameras, with vastly improved clarity.

These new cameras from Hanwha Techwin are available in a variety of resolutions and form factors.  Resolutions include 2, 4, and an amazing 12 megapixels.  Cameras are available as both domes and bullets, as are "vandal proof" options.  Hanwha Techwin also offers a number of H.265 compatible recorders, with a variety of PoE port options.

These Hanwha Techwin cameras also feature patented "Wisestream" technology.  "Wisestream" technology saves users both recording hard drive space and money, by reducing the size of recorded video files.

DSC proudly carries the full line of H.265 compatible recorders and cameras from Hanwha Techwin.  For a complimentary system assessment, and a demonstration of this exciting new technology, call DSC today at (713) 464-8407, or email our solutions team at sales@ThinkDSC.com.


Written by DSC