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ISC West Review, Part I, Avigilon H4-ES Cameras

Avigilon H4-ES Cameras

Last week, the security team at DSC traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual ISC West conference. ISC West has long been the preeminent event in the business of security integration. As the largest and brightest stage in our industry, security manufacturers customarily unveil their latest innovations, services, and products annually at this event. Over the next few weeks, members of our team will share their impressions, observations, and outlook on the latest developments in security and safety technology unveiled at ISC West.

ISC West Review, Part I: Avigilon H4 (ES) Cameras

By: Robert Day, Director of Business Development

ISC West brings together hundreds of security manufacturers from all corners of the globe, each eager to unveil their latest technological advances and offerings. These innovations could be categorized in a variety of ways.  There's no shortage of minor tweaks to the function and design of existing products and software, showcased with all the fanfare and enthusiasm one would expect from the announcement of the world's first bread slicing machine.  An equal abundance of offerings are also on display, often noticeable more for their novelty than their innovative practicality (see: giant robotic parking lot attendants).  Thankfully, this show never fails to deliver encounters with a handful of truly paradigm shifting products.  In one man's opinion, this was a very good year for advances forward in security and life safety technology.  ISC West 2016 had no shortage of thoughtfully considered solutions for real world problems in the form of some genuinely game-changing software and hardware.  In this first installment of our ISC West Review,  I’ll focus in on one of my favorite new products from Avigilon.


“Edge” video surveillance recording solutions debuted a a few years ago. If you’re unfamiliar with this relatively new security technology, the concept is fairly simple to understand.

Cameras designed for edge recording exist in spaces that require one to a few security cameras. These spaces “exist on an island” for some reason or another. Many businesses and institutions have small annexes, storage sheds, garages, etc., which require video surveillance, but face the challenge of being located in a place or space that prevents a connection to a larger, primary network of security cameras. “Edge” recording allows for the remote storage of surveillance video by one or more cameras in a remote area, outside of a primary video surveillance network. When provided with a connection to the internet, and with adequate bandwidth, video can typically be viewed through a Video Management Software (VMS) web client and can also be integrated into an aggregated video surveillance network.

While this technology was indeed groundbreaking upon it’s release, many view "Edge" recording niche solution due to a number of common limitations.  The first generation of "Edge" solutions often featured security cameras of both low quality and inadequate resolution.  Additionally, "Edge" networks required a separate recording mechanism.  In most applications, this required the purchase of NVR “appliances” that were often very expensive, cumbersome, noisy, and limited in their scalability.

A next generation "Edge" solution would undoubtedly require the investment of considerable thought in the analysis of issues that have plagued the first round of  "Edge" solutions.  A great “edge” solution would feature cameras with uncompromising quality and performance.  Installation of this solution would deliver clear savings of both time and money when compared to intensive and intrusive structured cabling solutions.  A great solution would deter, but not disrupt.  Avigilon may have delivered the solution that the industry has been waiting for with it’s new H4 Edge Solution (ES) Camera Line.

This new line of dome, bullet, and box cameras from Avigilon are built on the same platform as their premium H4 line of cameras. The build quality, housing, and components are top of the line, with virtually no compromise made when compared to the traditional H4 line. While these cameras may resemble the cameras on the H4 line, they’re quite different “under-the-hood.” The ES cameras feature integrated solid state storage, pre-built into the camera. These SSD drives are pre-installed with the latest ACC VMS from Avigilon. The entire edge recording solution is built directly into the camera!   Add an active internet connection to these units, mount them, and that’s it; installation couldn’t be easier.  It's easy to admire solutions that are both simple and elegant.  Avigilon certainly delivered with this exciting new line of cameras.

The video below details some of the Avigilon announcements at this year's show, including the new H4-ES camera line:


Avigilon ISC West 2016


If you’re interested in finding out more about the new H4 ES Cameras from Avigilon feel free to contact us for more information. DSC is a proud partner of Avigilon, and we’d be pleased to partner with you.

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