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Quality Counts when Choosing Data Cabling


Now more than ever, businesses are turning to technology to increase their facility’s everyday functionality. From high-speed data transfer to state-of-the-art life safety and physical security systems, IT networks function as the foundation of many essential tools for businesses, regardless of their industry, size, or scope. 

To support such technological advancements, structured data cabling serves as the infrastructure of these valuable networks. This makes finding proper data cabling solutions a must for businesses that are building new facilities or upgrading their existing network.

When choosing data cabling and structured data cabling providers, it’s of paramount importance to prioritize not only the quality and warranty of the cabling itself but also the reputation and experience level of the provider. This is because structured data cabling often determines how fast and efficient a network runs and is responsible for tying various aspects of a business’ technology together. 

Quality data cabling services provide better ROI potential, ensure that businesses run smoothly, and support essential networks that run security systems, alarms, communications, and data transfer.

Quality Cabling

As the foundation of structured data cabling, the cable and cabling components are the most important purchase a business owner can make. Quality materials, though an investment, make all the difference because no amount of quality installation or design can make up for cabling that fails to operate. 

It’s helpful to find a provider who can explain the benefits of various levels of cable quality and who partners with leading manufacturers of reliable cable and components. 

DSC partners with Berk-Tek Leviton, a customer-focused, technology-driven manufacturer of cabling that promises exceptional system performance. We tailor our structured data cabling solutions to our clients needs and budget while highlighting the need for quality products where it counts most. 


Data cabling is an essential aspect of building and supporting a network. In fact, the reliability of your data cabling solutions can greatly impact your company’s bottom line. That’s why it’s so important that while searching for data cabling solutions, business owners consider the warranties offered by the provider on their cabling, components, and workmanship. 

Ideally, structured data cabling should be designed to fit your specific needs but also have the ability to grow with your business over time. That said, those who provide data cabling services should be with you for the long haul and ensure that your cabling will be fail-proof for years to come. 

DSC offers an unparalleled lifetime warranty on most structured data cabling, giving our clients peace of mind for their investment. 

One of DSC’s premier partners, Leviton, offers warranties on its products and materials’ performance ranging from limited 15-year to lifetime warranties. 

Warranties such as these set experienced data cabling services apart from others, because they reflect the providers’ commitment to quality.

Provider Reputation

Even quality cabling materials and excellent product warranties can be ruined by inexperienced installers. 

As the infrastructure of your business, your structured data cabling must be designed, installed, and maintained by a seasoned provider. Look for the necessary experience and valued reputation required to do the job right the first time. 

DSC has worked for 40 years to build a solid reputation in the world of life safety and physical security solutions, which includes providing expert-level data cabling solutions. 

We are proud to partner with industry-leading manufacturers Leviton, Beldon, Hubbel, & Panduit to offer unparalleled quality cabling and components, and our staff is expertly trained in designing and installing complex structured data cabling. 

Whether building new, retrofitting, or updating your system,contact us to learn more about our data cabling services and take your network to the next level.

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