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A Closer Look at Avigilon’s H5 Camera Line


DSC is proud to partner with Avigilon, an industry leader in CCTV camera technology, to offer their top-of-the-line security camera products for a variety of industries. Avigilon’s H5A camera line is a comprehensive security camera system that combines next-generation video analytics technology with powerful integration to give customers unparalleled proactive security. 

From the moment the H5A camera line is installed, the system utilizes advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to map the layout of your space and begin detecting objects, both stationary and in motion, to provide an intelligent video security solution that is proactive, not reactive. This empowers clients to identify potentially dangerous events more quickly and respond swiftly.

Next-Generation Video Analytics

Avigilon’s H5A camera system transforms the world of video security with its industry-leading advanced video analytics.

The H5A line features unique object detection and self-learning video analytics, both of which allow clients to detect, confirm, and respond more quickly to incidents. These analytics combine to create a smarter, more reliable CCTV system that utilizes the most powerful, intelligent technologies to ensure the safety of your people, property, and assets.

Advanced Object Detection

Avigilon’s H5A CCTV cameras can reliably detect up to 50 objects in the scene, including those that are stationary. Because the H5A cameras go beyond recognizing objects in motion, they are able to help detect potential threats that may otherwise have gone unnoticed by general motion-activated systems. This advanced object detection can accurately identify specific objects in crowded scenes to focus security staff’s attention on what matters most in the moment.

In addition, the H5A cameras are capable of classifying objects into more specific categories. Where other systems can simply distinguish between people and vehicles, Avigilon’s CCTV cameras can classify objects in the scene into categories such as cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and bicycles. These specific object classifications can make all the difference during an incident, helping security staff and authorities track and monitor potential threats. 

As an ever-evolving industry leader, Avigilon’s current object classifications are just the start of what its CCTV camera systems can do. As the H5A system evolves to include even more object classes, its detection capabilities will become more thorough and accurate. As a result, the system will become more proactive.

Self-Learning Video Analytics

As Avigilon’s H5A camera system is monitoring your space 24/7/365, it is utilizing self-learning video analytics to accurately identify the motion of people and vehicles and differentiating it from irrelevant motion. This allows for more accurate detection of incidents and reduces false alerts, which can cost companies valuable time and money.

Expanded Video and Audio Capabilities

Avigilon’s H5A video and audio capabilities go beyond anything offered by other manufacturers. 

Using Integrated IR Illuminators and Avigilon’s Lightcatcher™ technology, the H5A cameras offer visibility with exceptional detail regardless of lighting conditions. In fact, rigorous testing by third parties have confirmed the H5A line of cameras to offer best-in-class performance during low-light applications.

The H5A line, from 2 to 8 megapixels, is equipped to capture the highest quality video. The line’s wide dynamic range and long-range IR offers high-quality imagining for scenes ranging from very bright to very dark lighting conditions. Adaptive IR adjusts the IR beam width and exposure settings based on the scene’s specific conditions to maximize image quality.

With H5A cameras, advanced image quality does not mean drained bandwidth and costly storage needs. H5A is Avigilon’s first camera series to offer H.265 compression, which provides unparalleled savings on bandwidth usage and video storage requirements. 

The H5A system also features available ports for external audio features, including: 

  • Sirens
  • Microphones
  • Loudspeakers


Avigilon’s H5A cameras integrate with ACC 7 (Avigilon Control Center) to show detected objects in teal-colored boxes, maximizing the potential of your security monitoring. 

The system is also built on an open platform. Being ONVIF® compliant allows clients to utilize existing or new third-party systems that are also open-platform in tandem with the H5A camera system. 

Additional Features

  • Avigilon Appearance Search™ support. Enables Avigilon’s AI search engine to quickly locate specific objects of interest.
  • Expandable storage. SD/MicroSD memory card storage for a fail-safe backup.
  • High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ technology. Allows for maximum image clarity and detail with minimum bandwidth. High-efficiency video coding. Reduces storage and bandwidth needs by compressing videos without reducing image quality.
  • License plate recognition compatibility. Integrates with ACC™ software to successfully provide accurate license plate recognition at a range of distances and speeds.
  • Multiple form factors and lens options. Customize your system with flexible form factors and a variety of lens types.
  • Relay I/O connections. Configure input and output actions/alarms for a fast response.
  • Remote focus and zoom. Adjustable zoom level allows the image to be focused remotely.
  • Weather and impact rated. Weather rating of IP66/7 and impact rating of IK10.

Made in North America

Avigilon products such as the H5A camera line are all made in the United States and Canada using North American expertise and globally sourced materials to create quality, reliable security technology.

Industry-Leading Warranty

For added peace of mind, Avigilon products, including their H5A cameras, are backed by an unparalleled five-year warranty.

Let our security experts determine which Avigilon camera system is right for your space. Contact us to learn more about Avigilon CCTV cameras and to get started protecting your space with the strongest technology on the market.

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