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Touchless Door Hardware for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Touchless Door Hardware for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Now more than ever, business leaders are looking for ways to keep people safe. Fortunately, they’re finding answers with technology.

The CDC reports that touch is one way that viruses like COVID-19 might spread. For this reason, a growing number of decision-makers are investing in touchless technologies.

At the onset of the pandemic, sprays and disposable wipes were the first lines of defense. Now, a growing number of organizations are upgrading their access equipment.

These upgrades may include touchless door hardware and access control systems. The devices serve as a solution for long-term public safety.

To learn more about touchless door hardware for commercial and industrial facilities, keep reading.

No-Contact Door Hardware and Access Control Devices Prevent Transmission

Businesses are desperate to keep their doors open. Simultaneously, they must ensure the safety of their employees and customers. However, wiping down every surface people touch is hard to plan for, hard to keep track of, takes time, and costs money.

So far, researchers speculate that the coronavirus can live on surfaces for days. For this reason, facilities around the world are upping their efforts.

They’re doing whatever it takes to maintain safe, clean environments. Part of this effort includes the regular cleaning of access hardware.

People touch door handle parts, handles, and keypads many times a day. Furthermore, the potential for surface contamination increases greatly in high-traffic areas.

COVID-19 can spread through common touchpoints such as main entrances and inside doors. For this reason, institutions must keep these areas sanitized. Cleanliness is the key to preventing the spread of the disease.

Furthermore, a growing number of operators are considering touchless door hardware. This is where touchless solutions at building access points, restrooms, and other access-controlled areas have great value. Contactless devices can reduce the transmission of the coronavirus.

They work by decreasing the number of surfaces that people touch in a building. This feature reduces the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission.

Most touchless door hardware components pair with low energy automatic devices. These devices might include actuators or readers. They help to keep people safe.

Universities, retail, and health care facilities around the world share the same sentiment. Decreasing touchpoints is a top priority.

Touchless Entry Solutions for Improved Safety

Allegion is a top manufacturer of commercial touchless door hardware. The firm makes a range of devices. They help to keep employees and consumers safe.

In this spirit, the firm makes a full line of no-touch solutions. For example, Allegion makes touchless hardware accessories. These accessories include power supplies, modern door handles, and door position switches.

Automatic Door Operators

Allegion also makes automatic operators. Automatic operators allow doors to open and shut mechanically. These devices use a gearbox to control the opening and closing of doors.

Touchless Door Actuators

Allegion also produces a way to open doors that require no contact. Touchless actuators allow users to operate a door by waving a hand. You can use this signaling device in place of pushbutton door hardware.

Contactless Card Readers

The company also produces more advanced touchless hardware. For instance, it makes contactless readers. Contactless card readers allow users to present individualized credentials without touching anything—maximizing physical security and personal wellness.

You can use a contactless reader as part of a controlled access system. It regulates actuation for authorized operators.

To complement the readers, Allegion also makes contactless credentials. The technology is called over-the-air credentialing.

Using the technology, an operator would waive it over a contactless reader. This simple action will allow them to gain access to a building.

Automatic Door Strikes

As part of its touchless line, the firm also makes electric strikes. Electric strikes release a door handle lock after receiving a secure signal. They allow for keyless and contactless automation of locking and unlocking doors.

The company also manufactures exit hardware. An Allegion exit device looks much like the wide bar you’d see across an exit door. However, it features an electric latch that operators can pair with touchless devices or systems.

More Tech Equals More Safety

Around the world, a growing number of organizations have similar concerns. They’re trying to figure out how to reopen workplaces safely.

Among many solutions, one stands out. There’s a marked need to decrease touchpoints between objects and people.

For this reason, more decision-makers are enabling touchless entry to and exit from facilities. They’re also reducing physical contact using touchless credentialing. These kinds of innovations help to minimize physical interaction.

As with other electronic devices, touchless hardware also provides companies with data. For example, you can pair touchless access hardware with an access control system.

This paring enables you to monitor building occupancy in real-time. This feature allows companies to comply with social distancing recommendations.

Smartphone Enabled Access Control Systems

HID Global also manufactures technology that helps reduce physical touchpoints. The company’s HID Mobile Access software works with most smartphones.

Using the program, employees can gain access to facilities. They only need to use intuitive tap and twist gestures.

With the app, staff members can enter facilities without touching a security card. They also don’t need to make contact with readers, keypads, or fingerprint scanners.

HID’s over-the-air credentialing offering eliminates the need for contact during entry. It also eliminates the need to issue or revoke physical credentialing cards.

Promoting Safer Workplaces

Touchless door hardware is safe, effective, and intelligent. It’s a way to ensure the security and safety of your employees, your customers, and your facility.

It eliminates the need to touch highly vulnerable and commonly accessed surfaces. These surfaces might include front door handles. They may also include exit push bars and other access hardware.

Over time, the coronavirus may become more aggressive. It might also become more resistant to antibiotics and sanitization.

For these reasons, it’s important to eliminate as many touchpoints as possible. Touchless door hardware is a highly effective method of meeting this goal.

Your Partner in Touchless Access

Now you know more about touchless door hardware and access control. What you need now is a knowledgeable touchless door hardware vendor.

Design Security Controls, LLC has helped to protect people and property for over 40 years. We’ve built a strong partnership with leading commercial door hardware manufacturers. These partners include Allegion, HID, DSX, and other leading vendors.

We’re a trusted source for your low-voltage security and life safety system needs. Contact a Design Security Controls, LLC rep today at (713) 464-8407, or connect with us online. We’re ready and waiting to help your organization upgrade to the next level of safety.

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