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Keeping Unoccupied Buildings Safe from Theft During COVID-19

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States’ efforts to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus through “shelter in place” orders have resulted in the temporary closure of many businesses. In most cases, the pandemic has significantly impacted their operations, leaving their facilities nearly empty or, in some cases, entirely vacant.

The increase of unoccupied buildings across the country creates a new level of vulnerability in regard to physical security. Amid these unprecedented circumstances, business owners across all industries are concerned about the potential of trespassing and theft and are looking for ways to ensure that their facility will be secure throughout the shelter in place order.

Luckily, business owners like you can follow a variety of physical security best practices to help secure locations that have low occupancy or total vacancy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video Surveillance

One of the most proven ways to secure any location, regardless of occupancy, is implementing a commercial camera system. Not only do camera systems offer you peace of mind, but they are also a deterrent to thieves who may be looking to capitalize on the vulnerabilities of your facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For businesses that do not currently have surveillance camera systems, DSC’s Houston security experts can help implement new and custom video surveillance solutions. For businesses that already have a camera system installed, the following measures can help enforce security.

  • Ensure all cameras are in good working order.
  • Ensure all areas of concern are covered by camera views.
  • Check lighting conditions for interior and exterior cameras.
  • Clean, aim, and focus camera lenses, both interior, and exterior.
  • Update all cameras, software, and server software.
  • Verify recording and storage schedules.
  • Double-check storage space for data archives and backups.
  • Set up mobile applications for remote camera monitoring, if available.

Access Control

In addition to ensuring the functionality of your commercial camera system, executing an access control system check can provide extra peace of mind. Consider temporarily revoking the access privileges of employees who are not working on-site to help keep your facility secure. In addition, you should program access control schedules based on new operating hours. Other steps to consider taking are testing locks and access cards as well as updating all software related to access control solutions.

Intrusion and Fire Alarm

Aside from access control and camera systems for your business, you can ensure your facility’s physical security by testing the functionality of intrusion and fire alarms. If you do not currently have active monitoring services enabled, the COVID-19 shutdown is the ideal time to do so.

With active monitoring from your intrusion or fire alarm provider, you can ensure that the authorities and you are notified in the event of an intrusion or fire-related emergency. In addition, you should test and inspect all devices, sensors, and software updates related to intrusion and fire alarms.

Future Considerations

Although many businesses may currently be limited financially and unable to update or implement their physical security systems at this time, the current circumstances serve as an important reminder of the long-term payoff of investing in advanced and automated features for physical security.

Advanced fire sprinkler systems, intrusion alarms, and updated remote video surveillance systems can all provide superior protection and automated features that offer unparalleled peace of mind during times like these.

DSC: Houston’s Video Surveillance and Physical Security Experts

At DSC, we understand the importance of physical security solutions such as alarms, access control, and surveillance camera systems. Our Houston security experts know that it’s important to protect your people, property, and assets not just during global times of crisis, but at all times.

That’s why we’re committed to offering the most advanced and customized physical security solutions to businesses of all sizes and scopes. From commercial camera systems to life safety alarms to intrusion and access control systems, our team utilizes our 30 years of experience to design, implement, and manage powerful solutions.

If your business or organization has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, contact us so we can partner with you to achieve the best possible physical security solution for your facility.

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