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Touchless Door Hardware for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

By DSC on November 24, 2020

Now more than ever, business leaders are looking for ways to keep people safe. Fortunately, they’re finding answers with technology.

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5 Ways to Improve IoT Device Security

By DSC on February 19, 2020

From automated access control and security devices to smart lighting systems, IoT-enabled devices are changing the way we look at security solutions for homes, offices, schools, and other buildings. But with the convenience that the internet of things can bring, there are also security concerns that organizations need to address before implementation. Improving access control and security for IoT-enabled security devices allows organizations to protect their sensitive data and prevent cyber attacks.

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Allegion Names DSC an Official Integration Partner

By DSC on February 1, 2017

We're proud to announce that DSC has been named an official integration partner by Allegion, the industry leader in door security.

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RS2 Technologies: "Why Mercury?"

By DSC on January 4, 2016

DSC Formalizes Agreement with to Become RS2 Technologies Authorized Dealer:


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Avigilon Case Study: The University of Tennessee

By DSC on November 28, 2015

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