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Why does my fire alarm keep going off?

The sounds from fire detection and alarm system are important because they detect emergency or fire situation within a building. Often times, older fire alarms can also beep when the fire alarm system needs maintenance. If you have encountered a situation where occasional beeping of fire alarm is causing nuisance within your facility; then you have arrived at the right website for the technical support you need.

This blog can provide you insights on why your alarm could be beeping when there is no fire detected in building. You will learn why faulty fire alarm system can beep at times for no reason.

Why does my fire alarm keep going off?

If your building has an older fire alarm system, faulty beeping alarms can make you think that there is an emergency in the building. However, if you are noticing that there is no fire in the building and you are left wondering, why is my fire alarm beeping? We are sharing some factors that could be contributing to the beeping of your fire alarm system; however, be advised that the fire alarm issues must be addressed with regular fire inspection programs by DSC.

Smoke Detectors replacement

Smoke detectors typically do not last for more than five years. If you are noticing troubles with smoke detectors, it would be better to track the installation date. If you think that the smoke detectors are old, then maybe it’s high time that you should have the fire alarm service performed at your facility to check if smoke detectors are in need for replacement.

Fire alarm system malfunction

Fire system malfunction can occur from several factors such as bad cabling, short circuits or device failure. Often times in older commercial fire alarm systems, underground cables that run from outdoor pump house to inside building were not rated for underground applications. Overtime, due to severe weather conditions, water could get into the underground PVC conduits to slowly cause issues with the fire cables. The errors from cable circuits within fire loops can initiate fire alarm beeping. These errors generally appear as fire loop trouble, comm failure, and data loop trouble on the control panel.

Power booster batteries

A weak battery will beep occasionally if it is time for replacement. Therefore, if your fire alarm beeping occurs occasionally, it may be time to change the batteries with the new ones. If the alarm keeps beeping even after you have replaced the batteries, please consider a fire alarm inspection.

Negligence of fire alarm inspections

Fire inspection at your facility is important to ensure that the fire alarm system is fully functional and compliant with the relevant fire safety codes and regulations. Neglecting regular fire alarm inspections and maintenance may result in fire alarm system failure. So, make sure to get your fire alarms regularly inspected every 6 months or annually as per the requirements of your commercial facilities. Please see recommended inspection schedules learn more.

DSC has over 30 years’ experience conducting fire system inspections for government and educational facilities, industrial sites, commercial facilities, office buildings and churches. We’ll help you manage inspection deadlines, alarm monitoring, test fire systems, and make recommendations for repairs or upgrades that will keep you compliant-and protect your organization.

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Why does my fire alarm keep going off?

The sounds from fire detection and alarm system are important because they detect emergency or fire situation within a building. Often times, older...

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