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Can Security Cameras Be Hacked?

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Businesses, educational facilities, and other commercial spaces find comfort in protecting their people, property, and assets by installing professional-grade security cameras. However, even though surveillance systems can help protect against potential physical breaches in security, they also can put your business at risk of cybersecurity attacks.

The reality is that even high-quality security cameras are at risk of being hacked. As more businesses turn to technology to help secure their facilities, cybercrime continues to grow, aiming to hit vulnerable, unsecured networks and surveillance systems. These cybercrimes can cause substantial losses and irreparable damage to your business.

Luckily, business owners and security managers can arm themselves with knowledge about how these cybercrimes work and partner with experienced experts like Houston security camera installer DSC to ensure that their systems are safeguarded.

How Security Cameras Are Hacked

Any piece of technology connected to the internet is potentially vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As security technology becomes increasingly reliant on the IoT (internet of things), hackers look for any opportunity to take advantage of weak spots in your network’s security. Hackers utilize online tools to detect poorly secured surveillance system cameras’ IP addresses and remotely gain access to your system.

The Effects of a Security Camera System Breach

Once inside, hackers can execute a variety of harmful actions that can have serious effects on your security system and even your business as a whole. From controlling cameras to stealing your video to launching harmful malware viruses, security camera hacking can lead to potentially devastating business disruption.

In addition, a breach of one system within a company can result in breaches throughout other aspects of the business—particularly if the same password is used for various accounts and if IoT devices are all connected via the same network. Security camera breaches can potentially result in exposed data such as employee or customer information, bank account or credit card information, and more.

Check for Hacked Security Cameras

Although the idea of your business’s security camera system being hacked is frightening, there are steps business owners can take to prevent potential damage from a breach. One preventative step includes checking your system to see if your cameras have already been hacked. Keep an eye out for slowness within your system, camera angles that appear to have been altered by someone outside of your business, footage that is missing or altered, and unrecognized users within the system’s access logs.

Protect Your Security Cameras from Being Hacked

To protect your security cameras and your network, there are steps you can take to prevent hacking.

  • Change passwords and usernames. Always change the default username and password that comes with your security camera system, and continually change usernames and passwords.
  • Use strong passwords. Always use a strong password that is hard to guess and utilizes a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Limit third-party access. Many security cameras come standard with firmware that allows third-party systems access to the camera information. A professional security camera installer can help you set up your system in a way that limits third-party access.
  • Monitor bandwidth. One sign of a potential breach in your security camera system is a spike in bandwidth usage. Use a traffic-monitoring tool to notify you of high bandwidth usage.
  • Stay current with software updates. Hiring a professional to manage your system is a worthwhile investment. They will ensure the latest updates are installed, which helps protect against potential breaches.
  • Secure your network. Ensure that your Wi-Fi network is password protected. For large companies, consider putting your security camera system on its own network.
  • Enact security policies. Employees should have password and usage policies regarding their activity within the security system.

At DSC, we take security camera solutions seriously. As a premier provider of life safety and security solutions, we are committed to designing hardened solutions that can seamlessly integrate into cybersecure networks. To see what our Houston security camera installers can do for your business’s surveillance system, contact us today.

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