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ISC West Review, Part II, Arteco LPR Integration


During the first week of April, the security team at DSC traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual ISC West conference. ISC West has long been the preeminent event in the business of security integration. As the largest and brightest stage in our industry, security manufacturers customarily unveil their latest innovations, services, and products annually at this event. Over the next few weeks, members of our team will share their impressions, observations, and outlook on the latest developments in security and safety technology unveiled at ISC West.

ISC West Review, Part II: Arteco Integrates LPR Technology with Hanwha Techwin Video Surveillance

By: Paul Hohlbaugh, Security System Sales

Despite spending a good portion of my career in the physical security industry, until this year I had yet to attend the annual ISC West event.  When I found out we shipping the entire security team to this year's event, I was extremely excited.  On a personal note, in all my travels, I somehow had never managed to visit Las Vegas.  Aside from the professional development opportunities the trip was certain to provide, I was genuinely excited to be visiting an exciting new place.  Professionally, ISC West offers unrivaled opportunities for hands-on experience with practically every product and innovation in physical security today.

As I reflect on ISC West 2016, I'm truly grateful for the invaluable experiences and insight I gained in only three days time.  I heard that practically manufacturer in the physical security industry would be represented at the event.  I had absolutely no idea how many exhibitors that would actually represent.  According to my iPhone, I walked nearly 40 miles over the 2 full days exhibition, and I feel like I only saw a fraction of what I planned on seeing!

There were so many incredible advances on display at ISC West 2016.  If I had to select only one particular encounter that really made an impact on me (which I do), I'd choose a particular product enhancement from Arteco.  Arteco is a global video and automation innovator based out of Italy.  One of their products, "Arteco LPR," really impressed me, and more importantly, is sure to add tremendous value to our DSC clients.  Arteco LPR (LPR stands for license plate recognition) is a custom built piece of software that integrates with Hanwha Techwin/Samsung security cameras.  At DSC we're big fans, and proud partners, with Hanwha Techwin America.  We believe Hanwah Techwin delivers the best combination of quality and value in the industry today; their partnership with Arteco only deepens that conviction.  Once integrated, Arteco adds affordable LPR functionality to traditional IP cameras.  This functionality is delivered at tremendous cost savings over traditional LPR products on the market today!  To see Arteco LPR in action, check out the YouTube video below:



If you’re interested in finding out more about the how leverage the power of Arteco's license plate recognition solution with your new or existing Hanwha Techwin cameras, contact us today!

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