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Remote Surveillance: Monitoring Facilities Even When You Can’t Be On-Site

In today’s world, there are a variety of circumstances that can make managing physical security solutions from remote locations a necessity. Whether you have a sudden need to work from home, an abundance of travel coming up, or simply the desire for more peace of mind when security staff is not at the office, now more than ever business owners are on the lookout for ways to view and manage their 24-hour surveillance cameras while off-site.

Luckily, the world of video surveillance is continually evolving. As a result, IP cameras and cloud-based systems offer a variety of possibilities for remote physical security management. No longer do business owners or security managers have to be on-site to monitor their facilities. Thanks to the latest in surveillance technology, it can all be done from anywhere with an internet connection via a computer or mobile device.

Remote Monitoring

With internet-connected cameras, you can access your surveillance system from nearly anywhere at any time. Remote monitoring allows for security managers or business owners to view and manage their facilities via a computer or mobile phone. The flexibility of remote monitoring allows for staff to do many important video surveillance tasks from anywhere, such as:

  • View real-time camera footage
  • View recorded camera footage
  • View multiple cameras simultaneously
  • Manage cameras remotely, such as change the angle or zoom
  • Search, playback, and archive flagged events


For added peace of mind, many surveillance camera systems have notification features. This means that certain events, such as motion detection, can be immediately flagged and then programmed to notify security managers, allowing security staff to view live footage and respond if necessary—all from nearly any location. In the event that a notification is missed, many surveillance systems feature cloud storage that allows users to select specific time frames or events to be reviewed whenever needed.

Mobile Applications

When on the go, remote video surveillance can come along with you via easy-to-use mobile applications. Many manufacturers offer mobile video surveillance applications for both Apple and Android devices at no charge with their camera systems. Whether on a cell phone or using a tablet, security staff can use these applications to perform a variety of security management tasks even if they are not on-site.

Next-Generation Features

Today’s video surveillance options go far beyond viewing and managing cameras remotely. Now, manufacturers such as Avigilon are offering industry-leading technology that gives security managers even more peace of mind. High-resolution video such as 4k is now available for surveillance use, offering organizations camera views in tremendous detail. Also, artificial intelligence (AI) is being used for license plate recognition technology and video analytics to help identify unusual events.

Today’s surveillance camera systems are combining the latest in this kind of surveillance technology with remote access to offer a fully comprehensive video surveillance solution that is accessible from any location.

DSC: Houston’s Video Surveillance Experts

When it comes to updating surveillance camera systems, Houston’s trusted video surveillance experts at DSC can ensure a custom solution that is versatile, integrative, and adaptive for your business’s needs—from both on-site and off. With over 30 years of experience, we have mastered the art of integration and are able to provide powerful custom solutions regardless of the status of your current security surveillance camera system. When choosing to work with DSC, you’re gaining a long-term partner who has a vested interest in your business’s success.

Contact us today to find out more about our custom surveillance solutions and video surveillance installation services.

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